Painting courses

Professional teachers who will really teach you how to paint! Interesting training programs that will help you master any type of painting.
High-quality materials are given at all courses. During the training we will tell you how not to buy unnecessary and not to overpay.

About Us

Our art school of drawing and painting has been working since 2007. For more than 13 years we have been teaching people to draw with different materials and techniques. Everyone will find classes to their liking at our school.


Watercolor course

You will definitely learn how to paint with watercolor!
Learn everything about watercolor, brushes, and paper. You will learn how to paint wet, dry, and glaze colors. Convey volume and fluidity of lines. And it will finally flow where you want it to!

You will write 5 works of different genres, learn to mix colors and get the shade you want. We paint on Italian Fabriano watercolor paper, use VanGogh brushes and Russian and European watercolors. The format is A4.

You will feel calmer, happier and younger, you will gain patience and the ability to look at things from a different angle.

Drawing in calm colors brings back the mental balance. Smoothly drawing with your brush and watching the paint flow across the paper is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in serenity.

Academic Drawing Course

If you're just starting your journey into painting, then academic drawing is the perfect course to start. It's a classic way to start your drawing studies with an academic drawing class.

You'll learn how to "build" any subject, convey volume and light and shade, properly hatch, draw drapery, and compose objects.

You will develop your eye-handicap. Learn to draw objects and plaster figures. Understand the structure of objects.

Basic course of academic drawing has continuation. After the basic lessons you will be able to continue your studies. Draw more complex still lifes on A2 format.

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