about Us

Our art school of drawing and painting has been working since 2007. For more than 13 years we have been teaching people to draw with different materials and techniques. Everyone will find classes to their liking at our school.
Professional success is not always based on inner peace. Having achieved high results in work that has nothing to do with art, a person may realize that since childhood he or she dreamed of drawing. The drawing school Will help to reveal this talent without a detriment to personal life and career.
Training at an art drawing school begins with a breakdown of the basics. An experienced teacher tells about the accessories with which you will have to work, demonstrates in practice the features of the materials, helps to correctly expose the hand. All the information is supported by fascinating practical activities, thanks to which, the result of drawing lessons at the school, become full-fledged works. At the end of the training at our drawing school it is possible to trace what a difficult path has been passed.